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Cane Corso

Arno met Woody en Nina 3Splendori dell'Italia

Splendori dell'Italia (Beauty of Italy) symbolizes our shared love and passion ... the Cane Corso!
On this website we like to share the many adventures we experience with our dogs, reports of our trips (mainly to Italy), results of dogshows we participated in, and also our knowledge of the breed.
We are Arno Heijmans & Marjan Scholtz, we welcome you to our website!Marjan en Woody

History of... our love for the breed

Arno’s first contact with the Cane Corso was in 2004 as he met a dear friend who had two beautiful specimens of the breed  in her possession. These dogs, Dilayla and Samson,  were not only beautiful, they also both had a golden character!
When this friend in 2006 decided to breed a litter with her two dogs, Arno was eager to lay hold of at least one of those lovely Cane Corso puppies. And soon he dropped his choice on a beautiful male... .Woody. Several weeks  later, Woody came to live with Arno, for the time being accompanied by his sister Nina.

Nina was meant to stay there only temporarily. The person she was sold to withdrew at the last moment. So she was for sale again. But at the moment a new buyer presented itself, her breeder seriously started to question herself  if selling her was the right thing to do. Woody and Nina had so much fun together... And soon her choice was made... Nina could stay with Woody and Arno for the rest of her life!

When she was young, Arno en Marjan met MaximilianoMarjan had an innate love for the Boxer. This was the breed she grew up with since she was a child. Years later, getting more interested in dogs and delving into other breeds,  she discovered a dog breed that really impressed her; the Cane Corso. At that time there was no place yet for another dog, but the dream remained alive for many years to come.

In 2007, Arno & Marjan met each other for the first time. It was love at first sight. That applied to Arno and Marjan  as well as for Woody & Nina. And soon we became an inseparable foursome. Until today, the love for each other and for the dogs is still unchanged.

Studying the breed

In the years that followed, little by little we started to learn more and more about the breed.  By visiting shows and breeders we began to increasingly understand  the features of the Cane Corso breed standard. Bit by bit we began to recognize the correct headtype of Cane Corso and we started to learn about movement, construction and angulation. This learning process continued ovMarjan en Ninaer a long period of time but still there is so much more for us to discover. For example back tracking bloodlines.  A very important aspect, certainly for those who start to breed. In recent years, this exploring journey brought us many beautiful friends and friendships and we met lots of wonderful  and beautiful Cane Corso's.

Active in volounteering

In 2011, Marjan became involved in the establishment of the Dutch Cane Corso Foundation. This foundation mainly promoted small-scale breeding. In 2012, the Foundation held its first exhibition; The Raduno Fondazione. It was a resounding success.

Arno met MaximilianoTwo years later, Arno joined the board of the Dutch Cane Corso Club. This is the (only) official breed association in the Netherlands,  assigned by the dutch kennelclub “Raad van Beheer”. In May 2014 he was elected the association’s chairman. A function he performs with great pleasure until today and hopefuly for many years to come.

A step forward

In 2013, after a long search, we have purchased ourselves a puppy: Maximiliano Dei Molossi d'Eburon. This beautiful Cane Corso puppy was bred by Katja Chtuka, owner of the Belgian kennel Dei Molossi d'Eburon.
His mother is Kobra Dei Molossi d'Eburon, a Belgian Champion. His father is multi- and vice world champion Bruce Della Porta DipintaMarjan met Maximiliano
The combination of this father and mother gave us much hope for a breed typical male that also contained a stable character. All the ingredients were present for  Maximiliano to become a successful show- and maybe even stud dog. After all, that was our goal wen we bought him. At this very moment all this high expectations start to come true.

That same year Marjan  made her first journey to Italy to visit Italian Breeders. She made this first trip among other things to be part of the mating  between Kobra and Bruce. She was so overwhelmed by all the impressions of  these beautiful Italian dogs that many more trips to Italy followed.
Meanwhile she also visited Serbia and we’re very sure that  more countries will follow in the near future.


We like to keep you inArno met Woody en Ninaformed of all developments within the Cane Corso world and continue to share our  knowledge about the breed on this website. We try to make this site as informative as possible so you are always welcome to visit us again. For now we hope you can find the information here you are looking for. If not, you are welcome to ask us all your questions by using our contact form.

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